Hula Boards was established by three board sports enthusiasts.

After the long way of experiments, many tests and improvements we came with the simple but yet brilliant balance board trainer for building up your muscle strength and coordination with the same fun and feel as on boards. ​

​The Hula Balance Board is an ideal trainer for strengthening peripheral muscles and forcing your body to use its core to stay balanced. Rather than working on just one muscle, it enables to work on a whole range, even some very small but crucial muscles. Many professional athletes of different sports are increasingly discovering instability and balance training workouts as it’s not only challenging but also fun.


Martynas Moska

I’m madcap dreamer, skating around the streets, chasing waves and sharing a mysteries the world has given. Now I’m here to share with you The Hula Balance Boards Trainers to keep you in a good shape, balanced and ready for a wave of life.

Mantas Lemings

I’m a boards sport enthusiast, doing my whole life research on sport gear to represent best brands and products on my skate-shop called boardroom.lt.

Valius Zukas

I’m super balanced golden handy guy, I could build a space ship from a scratch, but it’s not gonna take you anywhere, that’s way I’m building balance boards for you! Enjoy your ride. Peace!