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Frequently asked questions

We recommend The Hula Board Mini collection for beginers. It’s perfect shape is the easiest way to learn on and control, and it is very versatile, making new maneuvers and tricks easy to learn. For outdoor and professional we recommend Big boards, with a bigger roller. It will improve your core muscles and strength. Have fun on your board and stay balanced!

All products are warranteed against manufacturing defects and flaws, and will be replaced at no charge. Use the ‘Contact Us’ link on our website describing your issue.
Yes, the components can be purchased seperately.
After the long way of experiments, many tests and improvements we came with the simple but yet brilliant balance board trainer for building up your muscle strength and coordination with the same fun feel as on boards. ​It’s perfect balanced for the best results in limitless versatility and no movement restrictions.
The Hula Boards Balance Trainers are made in cooperation with board sports professionals and talented designers. All boards are handmade from the top quality materials and finished with an awesome design. It also has an anti-slip cover and stoppers on the board’s edge. The dimensions of the boards are perfectly balanced to achieve the best results.
The Rollers are made from durable plastic and have anti-slip elements on it, with the wooden covers on the sides.